2010 Demo + NIN cover (Free Download)

by Powerwolves

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released June 2, 2010

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Stack @ Format Audio Summer 2010



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Track Name: (Intro) Unleash the Wolves
Track Name: These Days
These days are wasted
So I'll fight what I'm faced with
I don't need you to save me
If I make it I'll make it on my own
I'm on my own
You're safe in your numbers
I walk alone
With open arms you welcome the end
Bible in hand or bomb to your chest
You say faith can fix all things
Shut the fuck up.
Track Name: Slaughtering the Machines
You tell us what we need to hear
You tell us what we need to fear
Now you forsake us
Now you won't face up to what you've done
You armed us to fight your wars
Killing machines to settle scores
From ashes of human error
You weaponized to combat terror
Fighting an idea is futile
You can't kill and idea
There'll be blood in the streets
Slaughtering the machines
Track Name: Regret
I'd give it all for another chance not to fuck it up
I would have never walked away
I would have said what I needed to say
I'd throw my heart into the grave
If it'd meant you'd stay
A generation built on frustration
Where do we turn when no one has the answers
A generation of complication
Where nothing's right and nothing's wrong
I'd give it all for another chance not to fuck it up
There's nothing left for us now.
Track Name: All Your Hate
What do you do
When they push you to the point of no return
Fly a white flag or watch it burn
Do you dig in and wait it out
Or go down like a burning wreck with all your hate
I fucking hate you
Burn the world with all your hate
Track Name: There's More Of Us Than Them
They start wars
They write laws
They don't pause to watch us as we crawl
They feed us god
They feed us lies
They tie the blindfold to our eyes
There's more of us than them
What the fuck are you waiting for
They take and take and take it all away
And still they ask for more
I don't want their change
Wanna watch them hang
From the highest towers over distant plains