Into the Black EP

by Powerwolves

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released October 30, 2012

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Stack @ Format Audio
Summer 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Face The Truth
Time’s not on our side
Why should I waste it on you
I’ve worked for everything I have
While you’re too scared to face the truth
Nothing in this life is given
Face the truth
Nothing in this life is given
Face the truth
You’ve spent your life waiting
For a day that never came
I’ve built a life for myself
While you still try to place the blame
Face the truth before it faces you
You’re a disgrace to the sacrifices others have made
You’re not fooling anyone. You’ll never get my sympathy
You don’t know what’s real
You don’t know how true pain feels
Track Name: Silent Domination
You see what you want to see
You hear what you want to hear
You believe what they say
Life isn’t lived when it’s lived in fear
It’s all an illusion
It’s mental intrusion
It’s manipulation
It’s silent domination
You’re paying for their mistakes
You’re shaking the hand that takes
You suffer for their greed
Don’t let them tell you what you need
I see no time that’s better than now
To smash the state and burn it down
Track Name: Smoke And Mirrors
I can see
Right through your face
You think you’re real
You’re all too fake
Always looking for another one to blame
Acting like you’re not a stranger to my fucking pain
You’re an act
A fucking joke
All your mirrors
Are filled with smoke
You think this world starts and stops with you
And the right way’s any way you fucking choose
You think the world fucking owes you
Cause you can’t handle what it throws you
Track Name: Dog Days
Hope is a quick death
Where did we go wrong
Why do we forsake
Every breath that’s drawn is in vain
These dog days will never end
We’re all just cogs in a machine
Spun until we’re nothing
Scraps thrown in a heap
Dead before the seeds we’ve sown are reaped
These dog days will never end
Rising with the sun
Falling with the sun
Giving everything
These dog days will never end
On a countdown
Until we’re in the ground
Like we were never here
These dog days will never end
Track Name: Into The Black
Raised on hope we’d change this world
As time goes by we see you lied
We see when living is just to survive
We see a place where hope goes to die
Who are we?
Where are we going?
Our future is gone
The terror is knowing
We’re all born with the same soul
Until their claws dig into us all
We try not to stare into the abyss
There’s no way out
It’s all around us
Who are we?
Where are we going?
Our future is gone
The terror is knowing
We don’t need your fucking world
Of god and greed and empty souls
Track Name: There's More Of Us Than Them
They start wars
They write laws
They don't pause to watch us as we crawl
They feed us god
They feed us lies
They tie the blindfold to our eyes
There's more of us than them
What the fuck are you waiting for
They take and take and take it all away
And still they ask for more
I don't want their change
Wanna watch them hang
From the highest towers over distant plains
Track Name: Empires Burn
What will you become
When there’s nothing left to destroy
Every step that you take brings us closer to a void
What can we believe
When everything is a lie
I won’t fall in line, I will never be…
On your side
While the world stands on the brink
You count your blessings while we sink
You think the ends justify your means
The end is closer than you think
The end is closer than you think
This world turns
Empires burn