You Won't Find Peace

by Powerwolves

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Panic Records


released August 27, 2011

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Stack @ Format Audio
Winter 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Behind This Face (Free Download)
My mind feels like a time bomb
I'm losing track of time
My nights bleed into days
There's only hate behind this face
Fuck you
I won't let it go, it's always there when I need it
These fucking people they're the ones who feed it.
Track Name: The Chaos You Made
Your faith is lost on me
It means nothing
You force-feed your beliefs
It means nothing
You are a venomous breed
On hopelessness you feed
You are a venomous breed
You prey upon the weak
You judge the ones you see
It means nothing
You spite reality
It means nothing
You are a venomous breed
On hopelessness you feed
You are a venomous breed
You prey upon the weak
What would you do when no one is left to be saved?
Would you sit there and marvel at the chaos you made?
Track Name: You Won't Find Peace (Free Download)
This world is a beast
When it turns on you you'll face it's teeth
You'll face defeat
If it keeps you down
You won't find peace
You say you'll change
You don't pull your weight
You fucking waste
I spend each day
Working for something I might never see
While snakes in government
Swallow us whole
And shed their skin
Then slither away
We break our backs
They're on holiday
This world is fucked, but don't let it fuck you up.
Track Name: Heavy Lies the Crown
This world gave you everything
While better men met their end
You lined your pockets with our blood
We placed a crown upon your head
You felt nothing
When people had nothing
Now you're suffering
And those you've wronged line up to watch you beg
Heavy lies the crown
Feel it crushing you down
Heavy lies the crown
Feel the weight as it crushes you down
Feel it now
I'll never forget what you did
Even though you did
I'll never forgive what you did
The blame remains upon your head
A more fitting end to your reign
Would to be dragged through the streets
I hope your face rots
I hope you drown in the blood of your god
Then you'll know the pain you've caused
But not before the sharks take you apart.
Track Name: Yesterdays
I won't beg for forgiveness
I won't forget what I've lived with
I'm not here to be a witness
I'm not waiting for acceptance
All my yesterdays seem like better days
All the times we've had...
I see people stare at nothing
When I look at the world it hurts
Where's the youth?
Where's the heart?
Where's our anchor while we're drifting apart
All my yesterdays seem like better days
All the times we've had now don't look so bad.
Track Name: My Eyes Are Open
Another day that I get that feeling
Like it's the calm before an endless storm
Ears numb to the sirens, we walk in single file
While the clouds in my mind darken
I crack a smile
The air is electric
The fuse is lit
The stage is set for resistance
You kings of nothing
How can you sleep while we're suffering
Just know this
My eyes are open.
Track Name: They Keep Us
This fucking world's diseased
We embrace peace with warring arms
We elect pigs, cause idiots think they found a friend
When nothings left
They'll eat each other, what then?
They keep us wanting for something only they can give
They speak of messiahs as rationality
So their god machines can be en-grained in minds as reality
Be it for wealth
Or to spill blood
We remain blind to where we're going and where we have been
They keep us wanting
They keep us waiting
They keep us praying
They keep us hating