One H​.​E​.​L​.​L. Of A Compilation - No God, Know Peace (Free Download)

by Powerwolves

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Where are we going
Where have we been
Running in circles
With blood on our hands
Killing for god
Killing for land
No silver lining
For when this might end
The same places
Different faces
The same power
Keeps control
The same problems
No one solves them
The same weak
Refuse to move
We give it all
Where does it go
To falling bridges
And broken roads
We give our sons
And our daughters
Those in charge
Will not see slaughter
What will it take
For us to wake
What will it take
For us to...
Break the system
Break the mold
Break this cycle
Of fear and control
Tear these traitors
From their thrones
Make them see
The lives we’ve known
What will it take
For us to wake
What will it take
For us to break
An all out war
Or deadly plague
There is no hope
For what’s at stake
I can see it now
Our days are numbered
Take it back
With no mercy
Make them pay
They can’t stop me
They’ll try
With their might
I won’t die
Without a fight


released March 1, 2012
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Stack @ Format Audio
Fall 2011



all rights reserved